Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ahh! The $20 Gift for you and ALL your girlfriends!!

The top knot has been the go-to style for the last year, obvi!

To gift yourself and your friends the perfect top knot kit!!

"Bored with your hair" (.com) is a all in one kit with pony tail holders, the necessary donut and delux pins to keep the bun in place!  Grab a kit for under $25.

Available in three colors to get the right match!

Make a high pony tail, pull tail through donut and slide to base

wrap pony around donut and pin

OR you can make your own "great hair day" kit by throwing in some texturizing spray, pins and a teasing comb!  Plus, you can check out hair donuts from goody and other brands in different sizes online to pick the perfect size for your hairs length and the size of bun you like!
10 Pcs/lot + Brand New <em>Hair</em> Bun Ring <em>Donut</em> Shaper <em>Hair</em> Styler

If you are already all over the top knot bun hairstyle and have your tools, why not think about making it unique and accessorizing it?!

Wrap around a studded bracelet, I found one at Forever 21 for $4!

Re-live your youth and make a stop into Claire's Boutique and look for adorable bow accessories and add a bow to sweeten the look, I really love this crocodile leather bow!

What I am trying this weekend is adding a scarf - I love the effortless style and that I could get out the door for breakfast quicker!  When you wear the look with wayfarer shades, it instantly goes retro.

What will ALWAYS work?  A black thick headband!  or a teased up crown with the double band

NOW, during my 'best top knot' search I came across 2 conflicting methods of using the donut.  Do you apply as above, by wrapping the ponytail around the donut and pin OR do you ROLL the donut down?

So far for me, the wrap tecnique is what works, but I also have very long thick layered hair.  I did notice that if I have textured, teased and day-old hair that the roll technique does create a more casual messy look!  Better for using headbands!

Grab the kit or make your own and gift a great hair day!

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