Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Winter's Color - BLACK!

BLACK is back!!!

If you aren't rockin black on black on black (take Jennifer Lawrence at a premiere this past weekend)

then you won't be 'in' for winter! 

How to do it?

Simple but dramatic:


Black lipstick, yes, I said black lipstick (note how the face is SERIOUSLY understated for this look)

black lipstick ALSO means deep burgundy/purple, which is best for deeper skin tones.  Surprisingly enough, the fairer skin tones need to go closer to black than purple.

Remember, to keep it FASHION and not GOTHIC, wear a skin tone evening foundation, just a hint of blush and a matte light shadow

Full lid coverage (new smokey eye)

This is one of my FAV looks for winter, I love the drama of the fully covered lid in a thick MATTE (sparkle and shimmer will be too much) shadow.  Keep it simple with nude tones for cheeks and lips and AVOID THE URGE TO SMUDGE, this is what makes it the new smokey eye, it gives you the drama, but not that smokey sultry look. 
TIP:  Don't even line the lower lash line.
TIP 2:  If black is too intimidating, go for a matte navy

Product:  Try Urban Decay's single black shadow in 'perversion'

when it comes to black on black fashion, texture is your friend!

You can wear all shades of black for drama, but by using different fabrics and textures, you won't look scary!  Try leather with chiffon or velvet with Lycra.

Just remember, keep it ALL black, even accessories & shoes!

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