Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My latest hair tool investment

I am making the investment in a 2" barrel curling iron
Hot Tools Super Tool Curl Iron 2"
I'm really into the large, what I would call, "Texas Beauty Queen" volume and curl, and I really like the body that a large barrel gives you.
I like this Hot Tools brand styler for $50
Give yourself the modern Farrah Fawcett (no bangs necessary!) with a center part and reversing the curl back away from the face
Larger curling iron but small sections at a time will give a lot of body
Or curl larger sections on lower heat to give hair a wave:
Prior to the curling iron purchase, I updated by hair tools with 2 new style brushes, perfect for my thicker longer hair!
The vented paddle (Ionic to avoid static and vented to let air through)
And the super large boar hair with a core that heats up, so I can use lower heat to blow dry, but still have effective drying time, also, the large size helps blow dry roots to ensure volume
Oh, and some duckbill clips - which are a super cheap, but TOTALLY necessary staple to section off hair and roll hair at roots when blow drying.

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