Sunday, November 18, 2012

Temporary Tattoos for Fashionistas!

Yes, I loved Chanel and Beyonce's limited edition temporary tattoos from Fall 2010 (I rocked them!)

Chanel 2010:

and I even tried out the lip tattoo trend once!

but here is a temporary tattoo trend that I can really get behind:

Its Dior's 24k GOLD! Temporary Jewelry, what a conversation piece!

As if that fabulous bracelet (or arm cuff?) wasn't enough of a statement look, make the chains work too,
And truthfully, they aren't unattainable at $120 a pack (for your bestest girlfriend!?)

If you HAVE to get in on the trend but have a super tight budget (hey, I get it!)  You could try these out for $4 plus shipping at

Temporary Tattoos

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