Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The newest in NAKED!

I know followers, you're just as obsessed with the Urban Decay NAKED collection as I am!  It all started with a limited edition palette and BAM!  Fans and fanatics DEMANDED that UD make it a permanent item! 

Not only that, but they then released a NAKED 2 palette that was just as awesome! (albeit lacking in the brush department)

THEN they launched a line of 'naked' foundations and concealers

And now...just this morning a press release to all UD 'insiders' (aka: me) there is a THIRD Naked palette coming VERY soon, and they will tell us is...
Matte is the Naked.  Subscribers Find Out First >

Its going to be ALL MATTE (aka: no shimmer or glitter!)


Go to:

To get on the list to get an email BEFORE it hits stores, also with an opportunity to pre-order it once the stock photos are released!  I predict this will sell out online just from the insiders and pre-sale and might not be available again until after Christmas.  This cult following over these products is serious, and you better act now to get your hands on it!

If you simply CAN'T wait to get your hands on an UD palette until the release, then check out this outstanding set that contains 20 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED COLORS!!!!!!!,default,pd.html?start=10&cgid=12
(also on for those of you who want to collect points and get free samples!)
close up view of colors:

again, the brush in the kit is pretty lame, hit up Sephora and grab a 'pro' shadow brush for $18.  You'll see the difference!

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