Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shopping List for the Ladies, Part 1!

You probably aren't like me and done with shopping, but before you hate on me for it, how else would I be able to scope out what's hot and report back to you?!?!  See?  You don't want to strangle me now! HA!

I rec’d this as a gift and I LOVE them, they are ‘long janes’ (girl’s version of long johns) and you get free matching slippers!

Its ALL about the ‘crossbody’ bag this year – particularly in a smaller size.  This is the perfect purse for heading to the grocery store or shopping on the weekend.  Some of the much smaller ones actually have a wallet built into them, some are a good enough size to hold a separate wallet (makes changing purses easier)
check that link for a bunch of styles 

My #1 fav is the Marc Jacobs small black and chain strap bag:
OR go really feminine with this floral style!

The moto-boot is also all the rage, looks great with skinny jeans or a nice knit legging with a baggy sweater.  They are comfortable and hip!  Check out DSW shoes for great steals!
I got these from my mom as an early Christmas Gift from Nine West, super comfy!

Attach a pair of knit stockings/leggings (Macy's Tights Dept) to keep it really in-trend!

If you have a friend that likes to paint her nails, try this nail polish kit by Ciate (very luxurious!) it has incredible colors in these adorable bottles and the kit looks so cute too in its packaging!  They have them at Sephora (online and in stores)  It’s a color a day!

I bought one of these, not sure what to expect, but I have to say, it is the most GENIUS exfoliating product EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Its this mit that you use to scrub your skin in the shower, and honestly, it makes your skin look and feel incredible!  Its so powerful you can only use it a few times a week at most!  Although you use this mit with only water, I highly recommend following up the use with with the olive oil soap, or at least a scent free organic soap, because the skin will want to be conditioned after taking off a few layers.  You better hide it, this is a product your man will want to use too!

you can also find the mit on www.birchbox.com, it was a feature product!

For the home:  Pottery Barn has the “Twelve Days of Christmas” serveware set, I’ve picked up a few pieces as gifts already, they are SO adorable and very well made to last forever!

A great luxe splurge:  Tieks by Gavrieli.  I learned about these from a friend who had a pair, I slipped them to go outside for something at a party and I was like, ‘WHAT ARE THESE?  I MUST HAVE THEM!’ They were Tieks!
They are designer flat shoes that fold up super small and are incredible stylish and comfortable!  They have super soft leather and knit fabrics.  They are expensive, but SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!

All those beauty products piling up in the bathroom?  Try some storage ideas from the containerstore.com (wish we had one in Syracuse!)

They have great cosmetic storage solutions!

I also love their quirky selection of stocking stuffers, there is something there for everyone!  PS- check out the portable mouse!

Hot gym/casual purse right now:  Longchamp.  Longchamp has been in business before your grammy was born BUT their super-simple nylon and leather fold up bag is back into popularity with even the younger crowd!

Starting at $100 for the small at www.nordstrom.com (aren’t sold around here) they are pricey but totally popular!  Whats cool, is they fold right up into a little square, so they really make a nice classy shopping tote!

Hope this helps!  Happy Shopping!

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