Thursday, November 29, 2012

Naked Basics

I've got the scoop!!!  The third installment of the most-loved Urban Decay Naked Palette series is available for pre-order!

The "Naked Basics" palette brings us back to basis with 6 totally matte shades that help you build the ULTIMATE matte look!

Take a look at these NO shine NO shimmer NO glitter colors!!  They are heavily pigmented, so you don't get that 'blah' feeling that most mattes can give you!

Typically the Naked palette's retail for $49, but given the smaller size and less shadow quantity of the basics palette, its retailing for $27

Also, the two darkest shades can really be layered nicely for a low-drama look:

Are YOU going to take it 'back to basics'?

Check it out and order here:,default,pd.html?src=112912nakedbasics&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=112912nakedbasics&utm_term=CTA&utm_content=NakedBasics&utm_campaign=Marketing&

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