Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Givenchy's Black Lipstick

I am in awe of the wonder that is black lipstick, and all the diva's out there that will wear it unapologetically!  I was not one of those women, until THIS product!

oh yes, Givenchy's incredible black lipstick works with you PH levels in your lips to create the best shade for you to wear the color of the season!  And instead of going on black, its really a sheer deep berry shade! (you can darken the intensity with a lip liner)

#62 "lively black" is named for Givenchy's fragrance and makeup muse, Liv Tyler and is part of the $30 lipstick 'lively' collection!

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  1. hi Rosa...you did a marvelous job....thanks for the wake up on make up information nobody else talks about.....Thanks......Tom