Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best Spray Tan In CNY

Ladies, I've got the 4-1-1 on the best spray tan around - Its at Tanning Oasis on Rt 57 in Liverpool.  Pam, owner, does an INCREDIBLE job giving you a seriously fab bronze glow that looks NATURAL and wears off evenly and slowly!  I was blown away!  She hand sprays you, and makes sure that you are streak free - and I swear, not a streak or splotch to be found!  I looked like a tropical goddess in 20 minutes!  I can't decided what's better:

1. Its SAFE SUN!  Look tan without getting wrinkles or skin cancer?  DUH!
2.  OR that its only $24.95?!?!!

WHAT?  $24.95?  I almost fell over!  Hand airbrushing for under $25?  And it lasted through swimming, beach and showers on my vacation for a SOLID 6 days and even then it faded slowly and worked well with layering some spray can bronzer over it!

You have to check it out, not only that - WHY are you still trying to tan under a bulb or the sun!?  That skin cancer thing is SO last decade!  C'mon ladies, your 50 year old self will love you for it!

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