Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Chanel Classic Nail Color

Chanel had lots of buzz, and a sign up sheet too, surrounding their launch of a new nail color shade this past week!!!  For those of us that follow Chanel's seasonal color collections, we were wondering what was coming that we hadn't seen, and he fact that there was an option to pre-purchase the shade BEFORE EVEN SEEING IT made me realize this was going to be MAJOR and would probably put summer 2012 fashion on a tail spin!!!

(if you think I am being too dramatic over nail color...perhaps my blog isn't for you! haha!)

And here it is, released for view in the US today, is Chanel's "Beige" which was styled after Coco Chanel herself, and he obsession with blurring the line between men and women's fashion

This instant classic is now available at for $26 and what's even better is that the shade has been added to the permanent line up, so it should be available at Chanel counters and online for quite some time!

Pick your up for a classic manicure that works with all looks and all seasons!

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