Monday, May 21, 2012

The Beauty Gods Have Heard my Prayers!

Hallelujah!  The Beauty Gods have listened to my plea for a tan-towel (self-tanning) that actually has skin benefits! 
I LIVE by the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Glow Pads for my face & neck, and I've been spending a fortune on them because I want that same smooth skin and gorgeous tan on my arms too!  Well Dr. Gross, you're my new hero for bringing them out in a body-size towel and formula!  YES!!!

The Alpha-Beta Glow Pads for face are simply genius, providing you with a mild peel that makes skin clear and soft, while also boosting vitamin D and giving you a very natural looking tan!  I use it once to twice a week at night before bed, and I wake up looking like I just got back from a Bahamas Cruise!  (and even when I did actually just get back from a Bahamas Cruise I used them to boost my tan!)

Now NEW for body!
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Alpha Beta® Glow Pad™ For Body With Active Vitamin D

And what's even better - it minimizes the need for shaving by reducing hair growth with a trademarked "Capislo" ingredient!  AMAZING!

Try a one-time application for only $14

in a kit that offers both size towels

Or, if you've been reading my blog and had to get it based on my million recommendations, you can purchase the body-size towels for $45 for 8 towels (remembering that you will get an entire full-body tan with one towel, so its appx $5.60 for a self tan that actually improves your skin!)

I promise that you'll love your skin and your SAFE tan!  Give it a try!

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