Monday, May 21, 2012

Know someone that needs to practice safe sun?

I literally cringe when I see sunburns, especially on a Monday when I come into the office and see at least 4 people that somehow live under a rock and don't realize that the ozone has gone to shit and you need to WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I really want to slap them, mostly because I know it will sting their burn! :)

Practicing safe sun doesn't have to look like this

It can look like this

And if you don't want to look like this

Then you NEED to start practicing safe sun immediately!

I've got a $30 solution you are going to LOVE!  Sephora's Sun Safety Kit, only in stores and they are flying off the shelves!  Better hurry up!!!!!

An awesome re-usable train case FILLED with tons of great safe-sun products that will change the way you think about SPF!  And its not just sun protection, but self tanning at its best, along with exfoliators and SPF products that will improve the tone and texture of your skin and hopefully work to reverse damage as well!

Remember, it doesn't matter at all what you see in the mirror, the damage is much deeper, and if you are walking out the house without SPF on face, neck, ears, lips, chest and hands EVERY single day - you're in for some major problems down the road!

Get glowing and BE SAFE!

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