Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Next Level of Nail Art

We've done the nail strips (some designs even from our fav artists)

We've done the CRACKLE (to death I might add)

We have EVEN tried the magnetic nail polish (still hot!)

NOW those of us obsessed with nail art are doing the CAVIAR manicure! 

Ciate Ciate Brand is now selling whats called a "Caviar Manicure" in three shades: the Black shown above, White and Multi

This 3D manicure kit comes with your base shade, and then the 'caviar' (it DOES resemble it actually) to apply over the base shade.  You can change up the base shade, but it looks best when paired with the exact same color as the caviar beads.

My take away:  Go with the white - its feminine AND edgy at the same time, especially for this season's Brides!!!

You can purchase Ciate at Sephora.com for $25

The look hit Pinterest and exploded!  Now people are going to local craft stores for "Pop Beads" and making their own caviar!  Here are some reader looks and how-to's:

My personal favorite "create it yourself" look:

Looks like when it comes to nails right now, its all about texture!

Are you going to go for the newest Caviar trend in nails?

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