Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Splurge vs Steal (with a fun extra!)

Today's Splurge vs Steal is one of my favorites!  Not only because I was surprised by the results, but because this testing led me to a new AWESOME additional 'steal' product!

The SPLURGE:  When I saw that Dior added an 'extreme' formula to its line up of Addict Lip glosses (the spokes model being my beauty idol Kate Moss) my interest was obviously peaked!

The 'extreme' formula adds the additional benefits of a stain, so even as the ultra-hydrating moisturizer wears off (somewhat quickly) there is a still a tint on your lips - and I felt it was enough to keep some color going until you remember to re-apply.

Its important to note that this product is incredible as it is applied, but because its main purpose is hydration, it wears off quickly.  (good to know in case you fall in love with one of the non 'extreme' labeled colors, because those are essentially lip balms with no long-wearing pigments)

My favorite color, "Avenue" which is a very natural berry shade

What I liked:
-Great formula, my lips were hydrated and soft
-The subtle stain formula kept the color wearing longer than expected for such a moisturizing product
-The product is fool-proof to apply, it applied easy like a lip balm, but the slim, tapered end lets you guide it along the natural curve of lips
-It was just a degree different than a lipstick, so if you are used to lipstick it won't be a huge change for you

What I didn't like:
-The price.  At $30 I wasn't able to pick up as many colors as I would have liked  (it was hard to leave the store with only 2!)

Dior was the first line to launch these lip balms that are marketed for women who wear lipstick (remember Maybelline's Baby Lips Balm launching a year ago?  It didn't hit the right segment, and it ended up being a teenage product).  But Revlon sensed the need for a drug-store priced answer to Dior's Lipstick/Balm, which leads me to...

The STEAL:  Revlon's Lip Butter

how can you resist Emma Stone's soft peachy lips in this ad, and not want to put on this product?  I think the last Revlon lipstick I bought was a vampy red Colorstay in college!  So I was eager to compare the 2 products!

I tried Berry Smoothie, because it was very similar to the Dior color I liked

What I liked:
-This product was ULTRA hydrating, and the moisture lasted the entire day
-It really felt like it improved the texture of my lips
-The color is very vibrant, you don't need to put several coats of product on
-The price, I paid $7.99 at Walgreens (and at that price you really can get 4 or 5 colors!)

What I didn't like:
-It doesn't have that long wearing power, but its better than a gloss
-This product is more like a balm than a lipstick in application and texture

The results are: STEAL!  The additional $22 in cost to buy a Dior is not going to get you that much more in long wear or hydration.  Not to mention, its a great summer product (if only they put SPF in either of them!  I wish!) and one you'll want to buy several colors of, so the cheaper price was the deciding factor!

But wait!!  I promised you a fun extra!  I figured since I was trying a drug store brand, I might as well give you a bonus review on a brand new lip product that hot the market mid-May, and that is:

Revlon's 'Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain' which is a mouthful to say, but Revlon isn't worried about how much you'll be talking, because this stain WORKS!!!

I grabbed the 'honey' shade

And I was totally impressed by this $7.99 product as well!  (Go Revlon!)

This product is much more of a stain than a balm, but it is (in a very subtle way) hydrating.  The thick pencil-type application is so easy to control, and this product lasted several hours and through a meal (the shine dissipated but the color stayed)

My tip:  Line and fill lips with the Stain then once set (give it a minute or two) slick some of the Lip Butter over it to add shine!  This combo will run you about $16 and it looks great and will last well into a summer picnic!

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