Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I Bought at the Drug Store this Month

Clients constantly ask me what brands I use, and I always say, "I use what works!"  Whether its department store or drug store, I love to try and use all sorts of products to find what works for me!

My drug store buys this past month:

1. Eucerin Gentle Face Wash - my skin was feeling irritated and a bit dry with the temperatures going up and down, and this wash is so gentle and soothing and didn't flare up my acne at all!

2. Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 hour mascara - I grabbed this for my vacation, in hopes of avoiding the sun and heat melting off my mascara, and even after a dip in the Ocean this stuff didn't budge!

3. John Freida Full Repair Flyaway Tamer - I needed to get one for my purse, because it literally the best invention ever!  A mascara-wand coated in a half gel, half frizz serum gets those pesky fly aways at roots to lay down ALL day.  I definite must for slicked back summer styles!!!

4. Cover Girl Nature Luxe Lip Balm with SPF 15 - this was a random grab at the last minute, I wanted it because I needed a lip balm with SPF in it.  I was surprised at how moist and soft it left my lips, the color stayed about as well as a gloss, but I loved that I had sun protection.  It also didn't melt in my beach bag, which was a plus.  Its not fabulous, but its worth the $7 for a beach bag stash!

5. Cetaphil RestoraDerm Body Lotion - this is an essential in my house!  My husband has incredibly sensitive skin and this lotion is hydrating and soothing.  I don't have sensitive skin (typically) but I am addicted to this lotion!!  If it had SPF in it, I would never use anything else!

6. L'Oreal Ever Pure Hydrating Shampoo - I love this rosemary mint-scented shampoo!  It leaves my hair shiny (because there are no harsh sulfates that strip hair!) and removes all traces of dirt & oil!

7.  Ardell Self-Adhesive Eyelash Strips - I nabbed a pair of these strip lashes, simply because I loved that the adhesive was built right into the lash (no glue or other applicators necessary!)  I threw them in my desk, and was so happy a week later when I was asked to go to a business dinner on short notice - and I slapped (maybe not the best term for eyelashes?!) them on and instantly updated my look!!!!  I also went with the most natural-looking lashes, which were more work appropriate

8.  Conair Mini Bobby Pins - once you get MINI bobby pins, you'll never use full-size again!!  They are just the right size and come in various shades to match your hair!  LOVE!

9.  Airborne - you might not think this is a 'beauty product'  but trust me - sniffling and sick is NOT a good look - make an investment in your health and wellness and pop Airborne tablets to ward of sickness!

10.  Q Tips 'on the go' - this travel case filled with the World's most universal beauty tool are amazing!  They are great to stash in purses, desks and cars for touch ups (unless your hands are clean, you should NOT be touching your eyes!)

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