Monday, May 21, 2012

Instant $18 Upgrade

I've got a product suggestion for you that is $18, but will instantly be a staple in your makeup kit!  Its Urban Decay's Single Eyeshadow in "Mushroom"

Looks plain and simple huh?  Well, it's anything but!!  This super shimmery grey looks great on all skin tones and with all eye colors!  Rarely will I wear only ONE shadow to complete my look, but in the case of this shadow, I can easily get away with it!

The color simply enhances, rather than defines, your look!

Depending on what shade of primer you are using, you can push the color toward a more neutral taupe or combine with smokey black liner and bring out its silvery-grey pigments!

and FYI, if you have Urban Decay's 2009 Holiday, Alice in Wonderland or 2010's Mariposa Palette - you already have it!!!!

And don't forget, for a limited time, you can pick up Urban Decay's inter-changeable eyeshadow palette to cart around your shadow singles and create a customized palette!

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