Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review of Maybelline's Magic Lumi

I won't deny it, I do often turn my nose up at certain drug store brands, and I think Maybelline has some of the worst lipsticks ever - so I judge them harshly.  But I had to do a review of the Magic Lumi concealer and primer, because it has taken the market by storm!

First off, skip the concealer - I didn't think the quality of it was that good.  Not to mention I don't like built in brushes like this one, because they hold bacteria, and especially with a product to use near the eye area - not a good idea.

However, I have nothing but positive things to say about the PRIMER!  Don't let the name mis-lead you, I think its best use is as the last product you apply to your face after makeup application, it is a GREAT and LONG LASTING highlighter!!

It comes out white, which can be intimidating, but you just need a super small dot to start applying and dabbing

When your makeup is done, you apply the highlighter to the bridge of your nose, high on your cheekbones, and a tiny amount on your chin, but just in the center when you look at yourself straight on

The result?  A glowing completion that is not shiny or greasy, and its also not glittery (unless you're a stripper - no glitter on the face....EVER)  This glow makes you appear youthful and fresh!

You can also use this product as a primer under your foundation (over moisturizer) if your skin is very sallow or uneven and you want to brighten your complexion.

My favorite highlighter has to be Benefit's Watts Up (the packaging is super cute too!) because I like the built in blending sponge
product image
Its also a champagne color, which is very soft and natural (retails for $30 at Ulta)

The Maybelline Magic Lumi only retails for $10, so its worth the purchase to carry you into summer!  Also, look for samples in your fav magazines this month:  Cosmo, Marie Claire and Shape!

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