Thursday, October 10, 2013

What You Need to Know About: Subscription Services

Who doesn't LOVE getting goodies in the mail?

I know I do, and that is why I can't get enough of Beauty Subscription Services!  We're talking monthly subscriptions to sample boxes - and I've got the deets on the best of right here!!

For the Makeup-Obsessed: Ipsy Glam Bags
Cost: $10/month
Commitment: Cancelable
Customization: You answer questions about your style and skin concerns
Perks: Every month you get a cosmetic bag, and the website is super interactive & fun, you'll NEVER wonder how to use the products!
One of my fav Ipsy Glam Bags

If you like to try new beauty AND lifestyle products: Birchbox
Cost: $10/month or $110/year
Commitment: Cancelable
Customization: You answer questions about your skin type and likes
Perks: You build points for discounts on the full size items AND its always free shipping on items you buy that were in your box!  PS- there is also a Birchbox for men!

Typical Monthly Box

I LOVE Birchbox!  You get to try unique beauty products, and there is also a lifestyle product each month, like funky print band-aids, a granola bar or organic toothpaste!  Fun!  You'll usually get at least one delux size item, and be prepared for nail polish overload - in a year I'm pretty sure I've gotten 8 nail polishes - but who doesn't love a fun color?!  I find that I always use everything that they provide!

If you never have time to shop for beauty products or don't know what to buy: Glambox
Cost: $21/month, must buy at least 6 months at a time for $115
Commitment: Totally committed, can't cancel once you subscribe for the 6 months
Customization: By skin type, hair color, eye color and style
Perks: Always delux sample sizes, subscriber loyalty points program

Look at those Samples!
The nice thing with Glambox is that it is quite customized and it introduced me to items I don't normally have access to in Syracuse

If you don't like spending money on things you might not use: Beauty Army
Cost: $12/month
Commitment: Hardly!  You can skip or cancel any time
Customization: Ultimate!  You choose from a list each month of what six items you want in your box!
Perks: Some of the items are full-size!  Nice!
Some full sizes in there!
I love when its time to choose the items!  It does take the surprise away, but I like having the choice!  I don't think the perks are that fabulous though

If you can't do commitment: Total Beauty Collection
Cost: $15 each
Commitment: None, you go on the site and buy if you like that month's box
Customization: None
Perks: You'll get an email after your box ships for discounts on the products featured
They Partner with HSN
I also turn to these when its time to give a gift that I know I need to ship, they are packaged very nicely!

For the nail polish addict: Julep Maven
Cost: $19.99/month
Commitment: None, you can skip a month, cancel OR have that month's box shipped to a friend instead
Customization: Julep sends you an email before your box ships with options with what you can add or change, you get a treatment in every box, you'll have a mani/pedi arsenal in no time!
Perks: Many months there are super cheap add-ons, like another polish color or a treatment for cheap!
One bottle of Julep Polish is normally $14
Julep is a great way to build your mani/pedi supplies, and I like that you can skip - plus when its your friend's birthday month - just ship HER the box instead - easy and fun!  Julep polish is quality, but I don't LOVE it like I love Zoya, I give many of them away.  The months where you can add on bonus items are great though

Rosa M's Review:
If I could only pick one: Ipsy, I love the interactive website and I always want makeup and COLOR
Best for a gift subscription: Birchbox, it fits everyone and $30 for three months fits anyone's gift giving budget
The one I cancelled: Julep, it was great stuff but I was overloaded with too much polish and I didn't like the price

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