Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Case You Missed Today's Radio Segment on 100.3

I de-bunked some popular beauty myths!  Here's what we discussed:

Do you have to toss out your lipstick after having a cold?

Nope!  The cold virus will die quickly AND you've already built up the antibody to kill the virus anyway,  You're fine!

Are you supposed to throw away the plastic top that comes with a jar of cream?

No!  Its there to block light and prevent moisture from collecting on the surface of the product, which grows bacteria.  The best thing you can do is leave it and not touch it, in order to reduce contamination.

Is it cool to leave my cleansing puff in the shower?

Uh, no.  Gross!  Leaving the puff damp and in the shower is basically a science experiment in bacteria growth.  Hang it on a hook OUTSIDE the shower, and at least once a week microwave it for 30 seconds to kill bacteria.  Toss after 3 months!

Can I just leave SPF in the car so I can re-apply?

Ahhh, no!  I wish, it WOULD make life easier right?  But unfortunately the temperature changes in the car will break down the active ingredients in SPF withing a few weeks!

Does Lip Balm makes your lips drier? (so you need to re-apply constantly)

Yeah, it kinda does!  menthol and alcohol strip the skin on lips, which does not have any oil glands to re-hydrate!  However, if you use a 100% lanolin-based lip balm (like my FAV ever, Dr. Lipp's Balm) then you will have the reverse, lips will actually hold moisture longer!  Oh, and avoid licking your lips, its the fastest way to dry them out!

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