Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glycolic Peel for your Feet

You may have seen my segment on at home pedicures on Bridge Street

But my cousin Julie says that the Julep Peel is not available (on back order) and hasn't come back on the site - so I have a few backup options below.

If you aren't sure what a glycolic peel for your feel is going to do for you, its really going to deliver 5x the exfoliation power of scrub.  The glycolic acid loosens up those tough callouses and allows your scrubbing file/grating tool to work more effectively.

With nearly the EXACT same ingredients as the Julep Glycolic Peel, Henrey Bendel for Butter London $30

This "Rock Off" roller ball easily helps you apply the peel

expect 6-8 months worth of treatments from this bottle, so 20+ applications!

If you have sensitive skin, or want to try a cheaper option, this callous remover from Sally Beauty Supply is also a good option for $14

Also available in an orange scent online

Trust me, you'll get way more power out of your at-home pedi - its the secret of the salons for getting those SUPER smooth feet!

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