Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a WONDER!

I can't believe I stumbled upon this incredible beauty find!!  Its the NYX Cosmetics "Wonder Pencil"

This perfect nude pencil, available in three shades, is only $4.50 and is the pencil you never knew you needed!

For the price, I decided to get all three shades

and this pencil really IS a wonder to behold!  There are several uses, but my favorite is using it to line the waterline on your eyes

(I used the 'light' shade for this)

Its a common mistake to think that a white pencil should be used, when in reality the 'whites' of your eyes are NOT white, so using a white pencil is too harsh and makes eyes look yellow-y.  Where as this perfect pale nude is flesh toned and makes eyes pop!

You can also use the pencil to line the bottom part of your brows, which gives flawless definition and makes brows appear more shapely, EVEN if you didn't do anything to the brow!  Genius!

Used NYX on Water Line

I also like to use the 'medium' and 'deep' to line lips as a neutral lip liner for a gloss, or for essentially an 'invisible' lip line to apply a bold dark hue (hello: ALL things Fall!) to the lips and have no bleeding or fraying of the color!

Finally - the third use was to cover some redness from an emerging blemish I had on the go (it was the only concealer-type shade I had with me) and I was surprised to see its versatility and creaminess!  Plus it STAYED ON!

This under $5 steal is a MUST have for your beauty arsenal!

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