Thursday, October 10, 2013

One of the Biggest Beauty Myths - Explained!

Do your nails need to 'breathe'?!?!?!  Meaning, do you need to take breaks in between polishing nails?

the answer: NO!

Why?  Nails are made of 100s of layers of keratin, 'dead' cells of keratin, which means that dead things don't need to 'breathe' so you don't need to take days off from having polish on your nails...

BUT, you do need to HYDRATE nails!  You do this by replenishing the natural oils in your cuticles and nail beds.  Use a cuticle oil, or a natural oil like Argon or Marajuca.  Applying it daily will help battle the dryness of acetone/polish remover, which strips the essential oils from your nail beds when you remove your polish.

Now you know!

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