Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shh, its a secret reveal of a HUGE Summer 2013 Trend!

Exclusive to my blog readers only, I am going to reveal a HUGE upcoming trend for Summer 2013 makeup:  Popsicle Lips!

WHAT?  Well, I will tell you, calm down!

Popsicle Lips is really just a way to recreate that perfect summer stained lip, as if you just finished a popsicle (in my case, its cause I usually did!)

Makeup artists will be creating this look using lip stains on the inner/center of the lips and adding a clear or shimmer gloss over the top.  I saw this stock photo from an upcoming 2013 designer ad and the look is fabulous

The easiest at home way to achieve it, without buying anything new, is to use a chap stick to soften lips and you can brush on a stain (lipstick if you don't have a stain) to the center of lips only

Use your finger for a quick application or touch up by applying lipstick or stain to the center of lips that you've prepped a bit with concealer

Stick with popsicle-like colors

or hey, go for the tried and true method:  eat a popsicle!

I'm telling you, it will be HUGE!  And its SO summery!  I almost can't wait to do the look!

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