Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm into stripping...

Strip lashes that is!  Geez, what kinda blog do you think this is!?  hehe!

I've gotten back into 'strip lashes'

In a BIG way lately!  Why?  Because I can apply them so quick & easy and they INSTANTLY boost my eye look up a notch!  I recently purchased 50 pairs of assorted lengths and thickness from Winstonia:

and it will be tough for me not to justify applying them every single day because they make me feel fabulous!

Applying strip lashes is a no-brainer, and many people find it easier than the individuals (which look more natural, wear longer and feel like nothing is on your lashes - but are time consuming)

I like that its quick AND that I get several uses out of one pair!

For every day I love a natural strip lash, but I've been having fun with thicker, bolder ones as well:

The other day I wore ones like these above, and too many people commented, "You've got false lashes on right?"  Which I didn't I will reserve those for appropriate night time venues!

When picking out strip lashes, look for "demi"

because they will be graduated (from short in the inner corner to long on the outer corner) and they won't have too much volume

If you already boast some pretty great natural lashes, you can add bit of definition and drama with a set that has spaces between the lashes, this just boosts your natural lash line

If you don't have many lashes, or they are very light, try the criss-cross effect lashes, because they add volume but not so much that it doesn't look natural

As a famous makeup artist, Kevin Aucoin, once said, "False lashes are the last thing you apply before heading out the door" you can interpret that as, apply them after all your makeup is on (I apply the individual lashes on makeup and oil free eyes to improve staying power).  So yes, put mascara on first!

My trick is to snap a few Q Tips in half and use the stick end to apply the glue

APPLYING GLUE:  let the glue 'air out' for about a minute before applying it to the lash (helps get it tacky)  You can use a white/clear glue or a dark glue.  That really depends on your lashes.  Clear works on anyone, so you're safe with that.  When you apply the glue, get enough to coat the entire strip, with a bit more on each end to anchor it.

What if the lashes are too long?  Cut off the access from the INNER corner!

Then I use another stick side of the snapped Qtip to lightly press and guide the strip down from INNER to OUTER corner

If you have a really unsteady hand, you can buy this AMAZING tool from Sephora (or a plastic one from Sally's, see second pic) to help you guide the lashes on

Remember:  apply to the lash line and not directly on lashes and not all on skin.  If you have some variance, just swipe some black eyeliner to cover it up!

You can apply mascara to the lashes to 'blend' them into the falsies too!

My fav lashes?
I like Katy Perry for Eyelure (Ulta)


And for single use (cheaper) I like Winstonia

Get stripping ladies!

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