Thursday, February 7, 2013

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Pink Makeup

7 Days until Valentine's Day!!  (RosaM's favorite Holiday!)

Here are some Valentine's inspired makeup looks, note the trend of adding the little heart near the eye!  SO CUTE! 

You can use a small sticker or temporary tattoo to get the look!

If you want to go for a sweet and innocent look this Valentine's Day, try an all-over pink look!  Note that this look isn't an every day kind of look!

Keep it monochromatic (read: all the same shade/color)

Keep eyes simple with just a 'wash' of pink color (looks AMAZING on green eyes)

The look is very youthful and innocent:

But add some lash extensions (strip lashes for a one day look) to make it bold

Grab a lip brush and your 2 fav shades of pink and try a little lip art!

(hint:  the closer the 2 shades are to each other, the less dramatic the effect, read:  more normal!)

You can also get on the 'flushed' trend, which keeps all the emphasis on very flushed cheeks while the rest of the look is very understated:

(apply a bold pink blush with a large powder brush to the entire cheek area)

Make a statement is hot pink lips (keep the rest of the look simple)

I like to apply Kat VonD's lip tattoo stain in "Backstage Bambi" with a lip brush, it lasts ALL day!

Add but of temporary color to your hair for a really fun look!!!

(I like Rita Hazan temporary pop color!)

Another tip:  stick with face-framing color so you look like THIS:

and not THIS:

and finally, try adding ONE pink accessory, like a shoe or purse!

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