Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nipple Balm?! a word....YES!  Dr. Lipp's most famous product was a balm for nursing moms (hence the nipple balm title) and that cult product inspired a lip product of similar nature and let me tell you.....I don't care what you call it.....I'm a FAN FOR LIFE

this $14.50 balm is all natural and incredible!

Buy it here:

I will say this, I put on a generous amount before leaving my house this morning, my lips are still hydrated and super soft!  Its like I still have it on, but its 10 lours later - how is it possible?

Who cares!  Its perfection!

You can also use it to
-ease sunburn irritation
-tame flyaways
-treat children's rashes and dry noses

Trust me on this one, its a keeper!

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