Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A serious hair splurge!

WHY did I just drop $100 on shampoo and conditioner?!!?  Well, other than I HAD to have it, I don't have a great reason to justify it! 

I had gotten a deluxe sample of Kerastase's Chroma Riche Shampoo and Treatment Masque and even after the first use I was AMAZED, my hair hadn't been that soft, strong and shiny since I was a child (read: before decades of color treating!)

The masque was so wonderful, I went right to the computer to order it:

whoa, and then I noticed that the SMALL size was $61!!!!

Uh oh, could I live with just the shampoo perhaps (my budget friendly angel side asked)?

It was $35....

I went back and forth in my mind over it....on one hand I knew that NOTHING else on the market made my hair look the way it did that week.  My curl was better and my 4 week old highlights looked freshly done!!!!!  On the other I was like, "Most people use a $7 shampoo, how can I justify spending $100 on a regimen?"

After seeing another beauty blogger post a 4 week trial she did of this line, and the photos of her hair each week....that was IT!  I was SOLD!

I went with the duo, and you know what?  ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

(there was a tiny part of me that wished it weren't so I wouldn't be addicted)

My next splurge on a Kerastase product will be the Elixir Ultime:
The Allure Best of Beauty winner for a hair oil that is rated the best of the best for smoothing and boosting shine and strength of hair!!

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