Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Newest in Nail Art: Leather Look!

I'm always telling you the newest trend in Nail Art (it seems there is a new one every week!  Need I even mention 'cement' nails again?!  Blah!)

So, my fabulous followers, here is the NEWEST in nail art trends:  LEATHER FINISH

And what better to work the look with, than a little sparkle and some skulls!?!?

Nails Inc. makes it super easy with an all in one kit:

$25 on Sephora.com

nails inc. - Bling It On Kit - Rebel

You get crystals, skulls, the glue to apply them with AND the leather finish nail lacquer!

There are three shades,

and although the black is a MUST, the golden shade is actually incredible with the bling glued on:

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