Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The perfect sunless tan!

I hope you're tuning into my segment today on Channel 9 at 10am on the Bridge Street Show!  If you missed it or want more info, here are my steps to the perfect sunless tan!


1. An exfoliator,  I prefer the Microderma Mit, which you can use with or without soap and you get an incredible full body exfoliation (do not use on face!)  I also like a non-oily scrub, like St Ives Apricot Scrub

2. Body Lotion, essentially anything will do, but I prefer a non scented non-cosmegenic one like Cetaphil

3. A self tanning product.  I am really into the individually wrapped tanning towels from Comodynes and TanTowel brands.  If you want a lotion, try Clarins, Lancome or L'Oreal

4. You'll need a face-approved self tanner.  I ONLY use Dr.Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads.  You get an alpha-hydroxy peel AND a tan all in one and they make your skin incredible soft.  They do the exfoliating for you.  Ridiculously simple!
(3 sizes at 3 me, they are WORTH IT!)

1. An application mitt, I like Ulta Brand's mitt for $5

its better to use then your hands, because your hands can streak the lotions (you don't need one if you're using towels)

2. A back applicator.  This GENIUS product I found for $6 at Ulta, and it helps you reach the self tanner to the middle of your back OR you can have your hubby do it....

3. A gradual self tanning lotion to consistently apply to keep color even and give it a boost.  I like Nivea Gradual Tanning Moisturizer, it doesn't smell bad at all!  (Jergens it awful, just don't do it!)

4. A PLAIN magic eraser!  Really!  It actually helps remove streaks if they happen!

you GENTLY rub over streaks until they are gone.  GENTLY NOW!
5.  A bronzing gel

this temporary (read: like a makeup) bronzer is a great product to have on hand to emphasize a tan OR to help conceal a few missed spots or streaks.  Get a waterproof one for summer time!

1. Exfoliate
2. Dry off completely
3. Lightly apply moisturizer to dry skin areas, such as ANKLES, KNEES, ELBOWS  (some tanning towels prefer to you moisturize first, if you decide to, make sure its very light)
4. KEY STEP:  Heavily moisturize, I mean LOAD moisturizer on your hands and feet.  Clearly you will be using your hands to apply the product that is why I like the towel or the mit.
5. Evenly apply the product.  Mentally envision your body in separate sections and focus on one section at a time.  Forgetting where you were at is how streaks happen!  Even better if you buy a self tanning product that is tinted so you can see where you applied it!  If you are using towels, stoke them in a nice, gentle even motion up and down, no rubbing and don't press hard!
6.  Tan the face with a glow pad or other face-safe product, make sure to get the neck and back of ears. 
7. When you're done applying product, smooth the moisturizer on your feet upwards to blend the tanner into the feet.  This is better than applying tanner right to the feet, which never comes out right.  Don't forget to blend to your toes!
8.  Now for the hands.  Apply a dot or two of moisturizer to top of wrists, wash and scrub hands thoroughly.  Now blend the moisturizer across the tops of hands with your clean hands to also blend the tanner.

use the tops of your hands to blend more tanning cream if necessary.
9.  Apply an eye cream to help blend the face tanner around the eye area, be careful not to get in your eye!
10.  If you have alcohol wipes, you can get between fingers to make sure you don't get deposits there that will turn orange
11.  Let the tanner dry a bit.  Unless you're a pro and have done this and know you won't streak, you can skip this.  If not, I still like to do this:  Once you're nearly dry, apply a light coat of moisturizer over the whole body.  This helps pick up any excess deposits of tanning product and it will create a smoother more uniform color!

1.  Do all this at night before bed, then you can shower of access in the morning and you're not likely to sweat or rub it off (wear old pj's)
2.  apply a gradual tanner at least every other day to keep color nice
3.  Every other week exfoliate well and re-apply
4.  The tanning towels are GREAT for travel, easy to use and no mess!
5.  Concealer only.  If you can live without foundation, try just purchasing a deeper shade of concealer and let the glow show through

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