Monday, February 11, 2013

Hair Chalking!

My segment today is focusing on a really fun trend, "hair chalking" which got its name from teens would apply artist pastel 'chalk' to went sections of their hair to streak colors. 

But ladies like myself want to skip the mess but still wear this fun and temporary look, so I'm talking today about how to 'chalk'

First, get your supplies together!  I like Anastasia Hypercolor Hair Pigment and TINT's hair chalk

These pigments are a bit waxy, which is good.  They are meant to adhere to the hair and be flexible enough to move with the hair.

You'll also need:
-Styling cream or leave in conditioner
-An old towel or tshirt that might get stained
-Latex gloves to keep your hands clean
-Hair clips to pin back sections of hair you don't want dyed

Apply enough styling cream

Or leave in conditioner

to dampen the sections of hair where you want to apply the pigment

Then 'rub' the pigment (I go more for a swipe down one side, then the other, rub with fingers to saturate)

Then mist hair spray as the hair is drying to 'seal' in the color.

Obviously, if you've over coated the pigment on the hair, it will transfer to clothing, etc.  If you want to run a towel over the hair to remove excess, that's fine.  Do this especially if you're going to apply heat to the hair afterwards.

Let the hair dry before brushing or combing the hair

If you are going to style with a curling iron, don't use the clip, just wrap it around the closed shaft and hold it there for a few seconds.  (If you try to pull the hair through a curling iron it will sizzle it)

Directions right from the Anastasia Hypercolor Pigment (Ulta $12.50)

Another style that looks nice with the chalking is braiding, whether multiple colors or colored and uncolored hair, it looks great!

What I also LOVE and am dying to wear out, is using the pigment on my brows!  The Anastasia pigment can be used on the brows, by dampening them a but and brushing on (try an eyeliner brush!)

Here are some of my favorite hair chalk looks:

For my local followers, how about some orange and blue for SU game days?!!?  (or your fav team colors for any sport!)

Its a really fun and easy trend to do, and it washes right out - so there is no commitment. 

Hope you enjoy the segment!

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