Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zap Acne with a New Product

I just invested in the Tanda Zap by Tanda, the maker of several different light and pulse therapy products.

I invested in the product because I have been struggling with acne for about 2 years now, and I wanted to purchase a product that would not interfere with my dermatologist's prescriptions.

How It Works:

Tanda Zap uses a blue LED light (like the ones found in spas that treat acne) in combination with a pulse (vibration) at concentrates on the affected area for a 2 minute period.  See the illustration below for how the light kills bacteria

For $49 (which is considerably less than Zeno at $149) you get 1,000 two-minute uses.  You need to treat the affected area with the Tanda Zap 2-3 times per day until the blemish subsides.

I've used it for two days so far and I have already noticed a difference, I had a blemish yesterday that is totally gone today!

You can order direct from Tanda

But the Zap is also available at Sephora (who also carries it in a limited edition pink shade online)

For those with more severe acne problems, there is the Tanda Clear

Which is $195 and has a larger surface area and longer life.

What I Love About This Product:
-It is so easy to use, it auto shuts off after the treatment is done
-It is small, which makes it portable
-It can attach to a key chain, to ensure that you have it with you on the go, whenever a pimple may strike
-The price is so reasonable.  This of it this way, your Insurance Co-Pay for the Dermatologist is probably $25, that equals 2 visits!  So cheap!

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  1. I am still using this product and it is great! The only downfall is short battery life!