Friday, January 20, 2012

Katy Perry's New Eyelash Line!

I've got the scoop on Katy Perry's JUST released eyelash line for Eyelure Lashes!

The line will be carried exclusively at Ulta, and there are various lengths and volume densities to choose from (read: glam or over the top!)

Katy was the brand's "obvious choice" because she has a signature style!

The most natural looking lashes are "Sweetie Pie"

Which is described as 'dainty' and is made from natural hair, for a more realistic look!

"Oh Honey" is a longer length

"Cool Kitty"

this lash look promises a "wide-eyed" look and a thick lash line

Finally,m "Oh My!" is the most dramatic lash in the line:

This lash has a layered effect most commonly seen on Katy

They retail for $6.99 at Ulta, and you will get several wears from each set!

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