Thursday, January 5, 2012

You all keep asking, so here it is!

For the last month I have been wearing a very unique nail color, and I have been stopped in my tracks by countless woman asking me "Wow, what color IS that?"  or  "I love your nails, which brand is that?"

And when you have a beauty blog - you share these sorts of things!  Hurry up and get to Ulta, or another salon that sells Essie brand nail polish, and grab up a color from the Winter 2011 collection called "Dive Bar"

It is a greenish-blue that almost looks black - and it works on long and short nails!  It also looks great with a matte top coat (Try:  Chanel's Mat Topcoat $25)

Other colors from the dive bar collection include a great teal called "Trophy Wife" and "Steel-ing the Scene" that is a metallic grey that works on everyone!

Get out and pick it up, so then people will stop YOU and ask what color you are wearing!

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