Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sneak Peek at What's Next in Fashion

The key word in what is 'next' (read: start rockin the trend this second, because it's on!) in fashion is:


Nina Dobrev (Of Vampire Diaries Fame, and of amazing Green Dress Fame from People's Choice Awards 2012)

tweeted a pic of her preparing for her Nylon magazine shoot yesterday, and the picture says 1000 words about the 'New' Bohemian trend!

Look at the braid in her hair, how 'Native American' and the silver necklace is Aztec meets modern with the bright blue turquoise shirt!  Her makeup looks incredible too, especially the mauve lip color the artist is applying!

I've been seeing this "new Bohemian" trend in the last two weeks popping up, and it is defiantly a look to steal!  It started when Taylor Swift announced that she cut herself bangs on the set of her Vogue Cover, and the young cutie came out looking like a 70s rocker!  Love it!

Complete with floppy hat and the long fringe layers, it screams bohemian chic!

This new trend is a bit



complete with.......finger nail print?!


These looks all mash together to create 2012's New Bohemian, and there is really no wrong way to rock the trend!  The essentials are:

1. Long layers of hair (and bangs if you can stand it!)

2. Native American Inspired Accessories

3. A floppy hat in a modern color like burnt orange or mocha

4. Suede Accessories (Fringe Acceptable!)

5.  "Maxi" length skirts & dresses pull the whole look together

For makeup, hop on the matte trend with chocolate browns and nudes on eyes, with a mauve semi-matte lip - and make sure you use a lengthening and separating mascara to get as much 'fringe' on your lashes (the 70s pat of the inspiration)

I like Too Faced's new line of Natural Beauty kits such "Natural Eye" and "Naked Eye" palettes

There are great shades that can contour the eye (not going full blown smokey eye)

Use a soft blush to define cheek bones, and right now I am in love with this blush called "Frat Boy" by The Balm!  HAHAHA!  What an awesome name!  The product is a creamy powder that gives you a very natural flush!

Finalize your chic 'effortless hippie' look with a mauve lipstick or gloss (not too shiny)

A great long-wear option is Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Gloss in "Fearless"

Start wearing this trend as early as mid-February (weather permitting) and well into Spring!  You will start seeing the clothing and makeup trends in this 'natural but chic' look hitting counters as early as next week!  Bobbi Brown and MAC will feature these matte nudes in pre-Spring at their counters.

So, what do you think of this new Bohemian look?

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