Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get Naked, AGAIN!

With the overwhelming response that Urban Decay's "Naked" palette received in fall 2010 (the public went so crazy for it, they brought it back in full force and it became the best selling product in their line in 2011!) they decided to give it an alter-ego, and appropriately named it Naked2!

The original Naked palette was in a brown velvet case with gold lettering, giving the user this plush, royal feel:

the colors are mostly warm and have a great glow.  The kit comes with a brush (although I don't personally care for the brush, it reminds me too much of a concealer brush) and your added extra was a eyelid primer designed to give you the longest wear out of the shadows.

The week after Christmas 2011, Urban Decay announced the launch of Naked2, and if you thought this was another warm & toasty collection of shadows, you're wrong! 

Naked2 is the stark, cool collection of shadows in a metal tin:

Improvements were making the applicator dual-ended, and having a case that snaps closed (trust me, that maters when you are throwing it in a weekend bag for a getaway!)

and adding a lip gloss to the mix:

Its true that most of the shades are warm-toned, but there the color blend is different, and because of that, you can achieve a totally different look with this collection (read: it's worth investing in both)

What else you need to know:
Urban Decay is stressing that this second Naked collection WILL be extremely limited, and will only be in production through January 31, 2012.

To purchase, go to

Sephora will ship it to you for free, AND you get to choose 3 free samples with your order!


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