Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Newest in Makeup Brush Design

Say hello to the newest in cosmetic application design - the liner and oval "brushes" (dare I call them an applicator?) from MAC Cosmetics

They claim they are the best at blending and precision (look how they are shaped to get into the the tiny corners of the eye!)

and I see the appeal and I'm interested - to be sure!

There are three sizes, the smallest and most narrow for liner, eyes, concealer, brows and lips
The medium Oval for eyeshadow and concealer
The large oval for highlighting, cheek color and foundation

$25, $32 and $42 each based on size - so I grabbed the small one and I was surprised at how much volume the tip had - but as promised - you do get insane precision and an ultra smooth application.  In hindsight I would say the medium one is probably the most useful - and would apply thick creamy shadows with ease.

Application Level - Medium Difficulty (you have to learn how much product to use all over again!)

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