Friday, November 15, 2013

The Best Scented Dry Shampoo on the Market

I recently spotted this dry shampoo when I was strolling through a Sephora, and since there were testers, and I WAS rocking second day hair...I decided to give my hair a boost.  What I wasn't prepared for was the incredible scent of this product and the SHINE!  I had the most amazing SHINE with no residue!  WHAT?!

It was Alterna's Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo in Mango Coconut

$22 at Sephora and at Alterna retailers

Also available in the scent "Sheer Blossom" which is more flowery and musky

This dry shampoo was perfect to boost shine, make my hair SMELL incredible AND its totally clear - so there is no powdery residue - which is great news for those of you with darker hair!!  At $22 I don't think you'd want to use it every other day (I use a LOT of dry shampoo) but you'd love it for coming out of a smelly restaurant (oh the joys of Asian cuisine) or as a refresher as you head to happy hour.

Its def worth a look!!!  Try it the next time you're in Sephora!

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