Monday, November 4, 2013

Skin Feeling Dry?

Urgh, dry skin, such a bummer this time of year - as we turn the heaters on - we are zapping moisture out of the air, and it can leave our skin feeling dry, itchy and flaky - YUCK!!!!!!!

First, here are some tips for combatting dry skin in the first place!

No scalding hot showers!

washing with too hot water injures skin and pulls moisture from it!  You really notice it about an hour or two afterwards!  Water should be between warm and hot!

Use Soap-Free Products

look for products that do not contain soap - which can be very harsh & drying!  Lanolin-based products won't strip skin's natural moisture and will also add moisture back in!

Skip the Alcohol

Well, yes - avoiding alcoholic drinks will also help you avoid being dehydrated, but I mean more alcohol as an ingredient!  Its extremely drying - look for lotions, face washes and makeup that is alcohol free

Consider using a humidifier at home

By adding moisture back into the air - you also increase the moisture your skin will absorb!

For the guys:
Shave AFTER the shower!  By allowing the pores to open in the shower, shaving won't be as abrasive, which causes flakiness and itchy skin!

Gently exfoliate the face (wash cloth or sensitive skin scrub)

Pat skin dry

Apply a moisturizer with SPF

FINALLY....Drink your water!!!!

Its the best way to hydrate skin quickly!

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