Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Dream Team

I like to call Erika (Photographer, aka: Erika DeSocio Photography) and I the "Dream Team" because when we collab - photos and inner beauty come to life.  So what better than a stunning 14 year old girl named Kaitlyn, who is an aspiring model, for us to 'sink our teeth into'?!  Kaitlyn is the niece of a long time friend, and I work with her at many Bridal events (her mother Heather owns Forever Endeavor Weddings) and this girl is just GORGEOUS.  So many people stop and tell her that, and approach her to model, when she tells them she is 14, people go NUTS "How are you 14?!"  Everyone says it.  Finally her mother calls me and says, "Ok, we need some photos."

I did Kaitlyn's makeup, I started with a very youthful peachy glow and we graduated to a thick winged black shimmer gel liner with a red lip.  Having done a few photo sessions myself, I can understand that its a bit intimidating to let yourself go and pose and 'work that camera' but you HAVE to ot the photos are too bland.  As the afternoon progressed, Kaitlyn started to build her confidence.

One of the most inspiring parts of the day was when she really got into some poses and BAM!  The skies opened up and it started to snow ...... a lot!  We quick transformed her into the more mature red-lip look, and we hit the snow.  It was freezing, but Kaitlyn melted out hearts with her maturity and confidence.

Here are a few previews (how amazing is Erika that she made sure Kaitlyn had these shots to share on FB within HOURS?!)

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