Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Curl-1-1 on Heated Eyelash Curlers

Ladies!!  the day is HERE!  You can throw away your medieval torture device knows as the eyelash curler

in exchange for an easier and less damaging solution - the HEATED Eyelash Curler!

These super compact wands heat up with the flick of a switch (usually take a AAA battery) and they comb through lashes and give them the perfect natural curl

Now, you might wonder if they are very hot - but they aren't even so hot that you cant touch the coil with your finger - you don't have to worry about burning you lids.  But there is a enough heat to curl the lashes by holding sections for 5 solid seconds

I've been using the Blinc brand curler
Just $12 on!!!

But you can find a Sephora Brand one at their stores and the Japonesque brand one at Ulta stores

Can you use the heated curler after you put mascara on?
You can but I don't think you'll need to - plus, you don't want to ruin your curler by clogging it with mascara - cause you can't wash them under water

Another great use?  
You can use them to blend you lashes into false strip lashes for special occasions by curling them into the false lashes once mascara and glue is totally dry

So give it a try and skip the damaging pinching of the traditional curler!  You'll love it!  (MAKES A GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!)

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