Monday, November 18, 2013

Sephora Favorites Sets

Each year Sephora comes out with these 'favorites' sets for different products, like mascaras, fragrance, eyeliners, etc and they choose the products based on customer ratings on their site!  So they really ARE favorites!

They make incredible gifts because they are reasonably priced, perfectly packaged, and they give OPTIONS!

Here are some of the sets they have:

$30 Eyeliner Favorites
Sephora Favorites - Draw The Line

$45 Mascara and Lash Set!  11 pieces will last them for months!
Sephora Favorites - Lash Stash

$45 Glam Kit that has an assortment (best for a gal that you aren't sure what she'd like) and one of the best parts is the gorgeous clutch bag it comes with!  Its unique, and not the typical black or gold plain bag!
Sephora Favorites - Glitz & Glam
The eight items range from blush to false lashes!

I also LOVE their new $24 option for fragrance, which has 5 fashionable scent samples AND a gift card inside to redeem for their favorite one in a rollerball (read: purse size)

In their Men's and women's $65 fragrance sampler, you get 14 incredible deluxe samples AND a card to go back to Sephora and redeem for a 1.7oz of your favorite from the set!  This is the perfect gift for someone looking to get a new scent but isn't sure what they like!
Sephora Favorites - Fragrance Sampler For Her

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