Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Use a Clarisonic Properly

Oh, the Clarisonic, God's latest tech gift to women - the sonic debris-clearing brush that makes us look younger by the day!!!

But you know- there is a right and wrong way to use the Clarisonic - I'm here to give you a check-up on your favorite product!!!

If you aren't familiar with the Clarisonic, its the market's leading facial cleansing system and it comes in original (larger) size that covers a wide range of skin areas, including an attachment for the back for stubborn breakouts there! And then there is MY favorite, the "Mia"

which is a smaller more compact version of the larger brush that is sold at a lower price point and in several cute shades!

Prices right now?  Check out the Mia on QVC - they are the best price point and also have easy pay options when its featured


So if you have a Clarisonic, here are some tips for you for proper use:

1. Don't use it every day - sometimes the deep cleaning can be too harsh - start with every few days and work up to every other day if your skin can handle it
2. Wash your face first - you should clear the makeup and dirt with a light rinse of face wash BEFORE using more face wash and the Clarisonic.  What happens is your brush will grab the makeup, look dirty and you'll think you need to keep washing.
3. You don't HAVE to use it the whole minute!  The rule of thumb is 20 seconds on nose and forehead, and 10 seconds on each cheek - but you can do less if it irritates you
4. DON'T PUSH, you don't have to use pressure for the Clarisonic to work.  The reason you paid $$$ for it is because it is patented sonic cleansing (not just the back & forth of a cheaper version) and the pulse actually breaks up dirt and oil beneath the skin - no pushing pr pressure necessary - in fact, it will hurt your skin!  Gently glide along.
5.  Don't use on white-heads - sorry , but the Clarisonic is best for blackheads, using on white heads (aka: puss) will only spread bacteria and make breakouts more frequent and make skin redder and more sensitive!  Ouch!  Avoid whiteheads but concentrate on blackheads
6. Rinse & separate the brush to dry.  By not allowing the water to sit in the brush you'll discourage bacteria growth and get to keep the brush longer - about 12-16 weeks!
7. That said, CHANGE THE BRUSH HEAD!  At least every 12-16 weeks!  (check out Amazon.com and buy in bulk - you'll save tons!)

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