Monday, July 22, 2013

Yellow Eyeshadow - How to Rock It!

Recently, some yellow shadow in the store caught my eye, but I was reluctant to purchase it because I have always associated it with bold (not work appropriate) looks

But I picked it up anyway and decided to research how to work this bold hue into my looks - and I've got some ideas to share with you!!!

Wear it alone

by sticking with a swipe of neon or sunny yellow - you still maintain a simpleness to the look.  Go for a waterproof liner to create this look for the beach with a bright bikini!

Blend it with neutrals

These soft neutrals work with the yellow because they aren't competing for notice.  Finishing with the black liquid liner on the top only added definition

When applying the shadow, use a small flat shadow brush (or even a small concealer brush) so you can 'pat' and place shadow precisely where you want it (rather then using a fluffy brush and dusting on the color"

A dusting at the top and bottom, complimented by neutral tones really works!
Pair it with an opposite color

if you're ready to take yellow to the next level. pair it up with another bold hue that's outside of yellow's color family, like plum or turquoise

I love it with electric violet!

notice how the cobalt blue really sets off the yellow?!

What to use?

For easier blending and a softer tone, try a creamy shadow like
NYX Single Shadow $4.50 at Ulta

For the ultimate pigment concentration of true yellow, go for Sugarpill Cosmetic's 'Buttercupcake' shadow ($12 at )

For a gel liner that will stay put, try Inglot's Gel Liner (

 You should give the yellow shadow trend a try!  I'm loving it!

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