Monday, July 29, 2013

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 2

Today's Drug Store Bargain Buy is Almay's CC Cream, $10

Why it's great:
-Great range of shades, rather the typical light, medium & dark - with this you actually get six shades to choose from
- It blends really well
- Its not greasy at all
- It has a pleasant, if subtle, scent
- It's about 40% cheaper than some comparable CC Creams
- Moderate coverage

CC stands for 'color correcting' so this is great for uneven skin, sun spots or acne spots that you want to fade.  I also love that you get Broad Spectrum sun protection (as you will with most CC Creams, but they didn't skimp here, you get SPF 35!)

In my test, it beat out L'Oreal's Lift CC Cream as far as color and consistency

It's worth $10 to have it use when you aren't wearing foundation (these creams are not intended to give you coverage like a foundation - but for most its all the coverage you need when combined with concealer) or for every day!

Give it a try!

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