Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do YOU Change Your Cosmetics with the Seasons?

Whether I mean to do it or not, I always end up with different skincare and makeup products during the seasons, and it’s obviously because my skin has different concerns and needs based on the changes in temperature, humidity and water resistance.

Do YOU Change Your Cosmetics with the Seasons?

And the average woman changes her beauty look every 11 YEARS!  Wow?!  That can’t be good ladies!  If you're a person that has stuck with the same products, brands and looks for several years, you should prob change up your look!  One of the ways we can easily do this is to change our products and colors with the weather/seasons

Interestingly Enough, a survey in 2012 found that:
18% of Women change their cosmetic brands and products frequently
47% will try color changes and some trends, but basically stick to their routine
35% keep their look the same year round

Summer Essentials:  I'll start with summer, since that's our current season - and you need to be looking for products that offer

- Sun Protection (year round!)
- Oil and Shine Control (depending on skin type)
- Waterproof Protection (mascaras, bronzer)
- Warm Tones and Bold Colors to enhance your natural glow

Do the Summer Months make you Extra Oily?
It's important to moisturize skin, don't automatically associate moisturizer with oil or grease, there are PLENTY of oil-free products out there that will give your skin hydration without clogging pores AND there are even ones that will help you control the oil you produce, especially in hot weather.  If you don't moisturize your skin, your skin will overcompensate for the loss of surface hydration and will produce sebum [read: oil] to hydrate you - which results in a mess.  My tips: Wash skin with a gentle but deep cleansing cleanser, use a toner (I love Kiehl's Marigold Toner) and then moisturize

For Acne Prone Skin: Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer (Ulta)

For Oily Skin: Murad's Mattifying SPF 15 Lotion (Ulta, Sephora)

For Normal of Combination Skin: BB Cream (look for features and tints that you like best – hint: Sephora gives you samples, try them before you buy!)

You can also look for foundations that will control shine, or you can carry blotting papers with you if your pores are REALLY out of should apply a pore minimizing serum, they are super lightweight and help minimize the size and texture of large pores.  I have always liked Estee Lauder’s Idealist for this (Estee Lauder Counters $36)

Keep Your Makeup Seasonally Fresh

with bold colors and neons, they look amazing on sun kissed skin!!!

For Colder Seasons You Need Products That:
- Seal in skin's natural moisture
- Contain broad spectrum protection
- Exfoliate (cleanser) to remove dead or dry skin
- A hydrating concealer for under eyes that won’t revel fine lines caused by dry skin
- Primer for face makeup - synthetic primers are key

You're going to have even less moisture in the air, with being inside heated buildings, so you will need to amp up the hydration.  You're also going to want to keep the Broad Spectrum Sun Protection going strong too, which doesn't just prevent your from sun burning, but also helps skin protect itself against pollution and windburn!

For Oily Skin: Cetaphil Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF (Drug Stores, $12)

For Normal to Dry Skin: You need something that will deeply hydrate without feeling thick or greasy, and will brighten and tone skin, something like "Herbal Day Creme SPF 15" from Ole Henriksen (Sephora, $36)

For Acne Prone Skin that Needs Hydration: Eucerin Non-Cosmegenic Day Lotion (Drug Stores $10)

To me, winter makeup can be matte and neutral

OR dark and sexy  

When transitioning to colder weather makeup, invest in a great cream highlighter for face that will allow you to create a glow for the low light chilly months (that you can’t create with bronzer)

One to try: Maybelline Magic Lumi Highlighter (Drug Stores, $10)

So go through your stuff and separate your seasonal makeup and then make a list of the products that you need to get you through this summer – and check out my blog post (coming soon!) on the Summer Makeup Must Haves!

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