Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 4

Is it Day 4 already on this awesome countdown?!?!  I've got a REAL awesome buy in store for you - and it's in the SKINCARE category!

Eucerin's Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ($10) is noncosmegenic, so it works with ANY skin type to perfectly balance PH and the natural texture of you skin

I've used this cleanser since the first time trying it over a year ago!  It's a never fail option because it never irritates but I really does clean!

Even if you don't have sensitive skin (mine is only sensitive during acne breakouts) its still a great product!

Bonus:  What's new from Eucerin? Word on the street (ok, other beauty blogs) is that Eucerin released a 'Dermo' line

that is a high quality skincare line in a great price point that uses the power of lactic acid to remove debris and make skin tighter and more youthful!

Right now its not available in the country, but I am still searching!

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