Thursday, July 25, 2013


What?  Did I say that right?

Just when you were totally o-v-e-r nail art, the beauty industry comes up with something crazy to take its place: cuticle art. Get the details here: Anyone want to take bets for how long this fashionable fad will last?


Do you love or hate it?  Wait, do you even get it?

Yeah, it's nail art 2.0 girlfriends!  The scoop I've managed to get, courtesy of is that they are temporary tattoo's from "Rad Nails"

(sorry I had to make that so big, but I wanted you to see it!)

This is my first exposure to:

But so far I like what I'm seeing and I'm ordering!

These apply on nails and cuticles with water and make for some super futuristic nail art!

What do you think?

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