Monday, July 8, 2013

Amazing Cosmetic Collaborations

A collaboration can be epic (hello: the Jay-Z & Linkin Park 5 song set from 2003?!) and nothing is more epic than a cosmetic collaboration - and not just because its obvi going to be limited edition, but because of the fusion of 2 separately successful brands, deciding to create a time capsule of that season's trend!  Ahhh, I LOVE IT!

Let's Talk 2013 Cosmetic Collaborations!

Lancome & Lanvin Launching June 13, 2013
Parisian cosmetic royalty and one of the most luxurious fashion lines come together as the fashion house's Alber Elbaz brings his whimsical sketches and color spectrum's to Lancome counters stateside!

The line will have three distinct sets of designs in eyeshadow, mascara and false lashes

MAC and Rihanna Summer Collection Launching June 17, 2013
The "Riri Loves MAC" Collection is a three part launch (Spring, Summer and Fall 2013) at MAC counters worldwide
The collection will feature a set of makeup in brushes in complementary shades each season, and is most well known by the unique and bold lip colors that Rihanna is known to love

Benefit and Matthew Williamson (In Stores Now)
Designer Williamson created a one of a kind palette for Benefit (Ulta & Sephora) based on one photo from the 1970s (recreated here for the 2013 Ad)
The palette
has an incredible eyeshadow quad with the super bold and inky teal that you will go back to over and over for multiple seasons, combined with a juicy bold crimson gloss that makes the gold accents in this kit POP!

Marc Jacobs and Sephora Launching June 2013
Oh Marc, you're just too fabulous for words - I will always and forever covet anything you create!!!  Especially your collection of cosmetics for Sephora!
Fortunately for all of us, this is not a limited edition collaboration - but it's here to stay!  Marc was quoted saying

"I like the transformative qualities of fashion and fashion to me is not just clothing, it’s handbags, it’s shoes, it’s clothes, it’s hair, it’s makeup, it’s fragrance, it’s the whole ritual of making those choices, of enjoying the ritual, of making the choices that will tell the world who you want to be that day."

With all these incredible collaborations - I'm thinking I may need to do one of my own!

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