Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drug Store Bargain Buy Week - Day 1 part 2

I think it's time for another eye makeup product, sadly, I don't seem to like ANY of the eyeliner's I've tested and none of the shadows are pigmented enough for me

So we're back to mascara!  This new hot product from Maybelline (again!) called "Big Eyes" Mascara ($9)

And here are the deets:

- You have 2 ends, one meant for bottom lashes and one for top
- The waterproof version is awesome, not drying and doesn't smudge
- There are several shades of black, meaning inky to charcoal-y
- It really separated and added length to my lashes

I've been applying it with the smaller brush all over first to really separate and it really made a difference!

I had a guest-tester!

My gorgeous niece Samantha tried the product with me, and she really liked it too!

I will go ahead and say that I think its the best drug store mascara I've used, and beats out:

Revlon Lash Potion

Cover Girl Lash Blast

and L'Oreal Double Extension

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