Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two-tone lips, a great $12 product to try!

The two tone lip is taking off, not just fashion models in crazy outfits are doing it, no, women all over are giving it a try - and BITE cosmetics is making it easier than ever with their new product:

Bite Beauty - Lip Layers
"Lip Layers"

Its a dual-ended lipstick with complimentary shades so you can pull of this trend flawlessly (now the only part you'll have to master is not mashing your lips together!  LOL!)

BITE knows lips, because that is what they do!

This product is BRAND new and only at Sephora
and guess what?  Its only $12!!!

2 lip colors for $12?!  What are you waiting for?

What's even better is that BITE's products are made from food-grade ingredients, not synthetics or petroleum based ingredients - aka: you can take a 'bite' out of it and it safe enough to eat!  (uh, don't do that, you'll waste a great lipstick!)

Create that ombre lip look with their bold shades in several ways:

Dark on outside, light on inside:

OR reverse that:

OR, this one is super popular, go for one shade on top and the other on the bottom

Skip the bold all together, and go for a nude ombre lip with BITE's other dual-ended product in the nude shades
Bite Beauty - Lip Layers
Apply the dark on the inner part of the lips:

OR: Dark on the outer corners

This is a great product to get you started on this huge trend, because its formulated to be applied right from the tube and its a really fair price for a healthy lip product!

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